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Dog Car Safety Belt

Do you get tired of your dog jumping into the front seat while your traveling in your car, or worry what would happen to your dog if you got into an accident?  Then this Dog Car Safety Belt is for you!!!

The Dog Car Safety Belt from Pet Star Products will keep your dog on a safe leash.

  • The Dog will be kept at a safe distance from the back of the seat, firmly on the seat.
  • You will never again have to worry about your pet jumping up into the front seat during travel.
  • The Dog Car Safety Belt will also keep your pet from jumping out an open rear window while your driving.
  • In the event of an accident, The Dog Car Seat Belt will keep your Dog in the back seat, just like a normal passenger.  
  • We recommend using one of our Dog Harnesses to attach this Dog Car Safety Harness Belt.
  • The Dog Car Seat Belt is Adjustable for Small, Medium, and Large Dogs.
  • It comes in Army Green, Green, Sky Blue, Blue, Pink, Red, and Yellow Colors.
  • The Dimensions of this product are as follows:  Adjustable from 17"-29" and it is 1" wide.