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If you are thinking of buying a puppy

We must congratulate you! You took the first step before purchasing a pet. Really, it's great to have a non-sticking gold in place, or do you want a calm, restrained dog?

The first step is already taken, but it will take a lot more to get the puppy to you. One of the most important questions before purchasing a puppy is whether everyone in the family agrees with the idea. Maybe someone in your family is allergic to dogs, or maybe someone is scared of dogs? Probably one of the most important rules is to buy a dog (or some other animal) only with the approval of all family members. The dog must be loved by the whole family, not just one person. One of the more common cases is when children ask for a puppy. Kids see dogs as Lesse, Rex, Beethoven ... In reality, the dog is quite different. It is very difficult to train your dog as a cinema, a frequent dog breeder can only train the dog in basic commands, and eventually the dog will not open the door and walk alone ... The dog needs to be given a lot of attention.

The next step in deciding that you really want a dog is to answer the question of whether or not your home is suitable for the puppy's arrival. If you have a flat, choose a smaller or medium sized puppy, and if you have a house, there is no limit to the breed. If you live in an apartment, consider the neighbors. Probably a number of the dog's owners have already been hit by an angry "grandma" who has already heard the name "clog the blood vessels". If you have such neighbors, try to limit yourself to quieter and calmer dogs.

Now you have to choose your puppy breed. Do you want a peaceful and peaceful gold or a serious guard like a wolf? Choosing the right breed of dog is really difficult. If you have children, it is better to give up fighting breeds, although a dog with a stable psychic is not dangerous, but it is quite common that an angry dog ​​does not understand the child's desire to play and this puts his child at great risk. If you need a guard, don't look for the wildest dog. For example, if you carry a child, you can limit yourself to a Scottish Shepherd. This dog is a great caretaker and at the same time a friend, easily predictable. Retrievers are popular now. These dogs are great friends, dear ... these dogs have no words to tell, but they have no guard. If you admire little puppies, you have to understand that puppy care, for example, is very expensive. You need to cut them, buy warm winter clothes ... A poodle cut sometimes costs over a hundred litas. If you don't have enough money for a documented dog, you can buy an undocumented dog. However, such dogs, without documentation, cannot guarantee you because of their mental state. Occasionally, hosts use their resemblance to noble puppies (small puppies are often very similar to some breeds of noble dogs) to sell faster and gain more from their puppies. In such cases, they often say that it was an unplanned litter and therefore has no documentation. As your dog grows, about a few months later, it turns out that you were deceived. If you are a generous person, you can take puppy with you. There are many puppies waiting for the owners in the shelters. You are the key to a more beautiful world for those puppies. Puppies who do not have their owners in shelters are often put to sleep.

Now is the time to think about puppy life in your home. If you decide to buy a puppy at the age of several months, it is advisable to collect rugs before he / she grows up. The little puppy doesn't choose where to do his "natural things," whether it is carpet or grass. If the item is already pressed, the dog will do it in the same place where he came up.

Here's what you need for a puppy:



Halter or muzzle

Bearing or enclosure

Puppy (one for water, one for food) and stand to keep puppies too low

Food of choice


Brush or scallops

Ear cleaning fluid and cotton swabs for cleaning the ears

Dental Care Kit

Shampoo and towel, bath

Nail scissors

Scissors for fur

A toy

Travel box

The drugstore

You probably are scared to see so many items for one dog. But don't worry! Before purchasing a puppy, you can only buy essentials. For example, if you buy a very small puppy, you don't really need a halter. At first, you can limit yourself to just one blaze. As long as the puppy is small, you can put the brick under the trough and it won't be too low (you don't need a tumbler stand). As the puppy grows, you will be able to purchase a stand of the right height. There is one stupid point that if I buy a dog noble I don't need these things. You're wrong! The noble differs from the non-noble only in appearance and documentation. The noble dog also loves to play with toys or snack on treats!

Check with your pet to see if they have already been vaccinated. If not, check with your puppy's former hosts, maybe they know a good vet - you won't have to "try your luck". When you go to the vet, first observe how he or she handles your puppy. If you find the vet rude, rough, distracted or careless, do not contact him again. You and your puppy should like the vet. It is true that a dog will never go to the vet with much desire, but if the dog is panicky about the vet, you will surely notice it.

Finally, I wish you a very happy happiness with your puppy. If you love puppies, believe me - you won't regret buying one. The dog is always waiting for the owner, he is greeted by the tail, he is very happy and gives you joy. How fun it is to go outside with a loyal friend, watch a fetch, play…

Good luck!