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Homeless animals

Crawling animals in the city is an old and painful problem.

They find themselves on the street in a variety of ways - dogs - escaping a cat or a roaring bitch, domestic cats - falling out of a pravira window and getting lost in an alien environment, sometimes animals are simply thrown by irresponsible people. Anyway, the four-legged are scared and lost. They are not used to living without the care of us humans. Therefore, sooner or later he begins to seek refuge

Many animal lovers are in a difficult situation - what to do when they find a lost animal ??? Seeing hungry, frozen and scared - conscience prevents you from turning around and walking away. On the other hand - we cannot bring all the homeless home - there will soon be no place left.

Where to go first if you find or lose a four-legged person?

Beaver Quarantine Service - Animal House. All missing, escaped and found animals are recorded here. Here, too, they can be kept for a while, if no hosts appear, new opportunities are sought. If not found, animals are euthanized painlessly.

Societies of Cynologists and Felinologists. If the dog or cat is noble, it will be easy to find the owner of the animal based on the tattoo number or subcutaneous microchip and the data in these societies.

Veterinary Hospitals. Often, animals found nearby are here first. Also, many owners leave us data on escaped pets.

Before examining, stroking an animal should first be a sober assessment of the situation - whether the animal is safe for us. If it is a puppy or a kitten - hardly anything, but if we find an adult big dog, no matter how innocent it looks, it's important to remember that when scared he can defend and show aggression. Therefore, the animal should be approached calmly, gently speaking and not be frightened by its sudden movements. First of all, the animal should be inspected for the collar with the address or telephone, sometimes with a special capsule for the owner's coordinates. Noble dogs usually have a tattoo on the inside of the ear or in the groin area - finding the number will easily find the owner based on the dog's data in dog clubs. This is still a novelty, but some dogs and cats already have microchips introduced subcutaneously. The chip can be scanned with a special scanner at some veterinary clinics. The scanned code thus provides accurate information on the host. In the future, it is planned to tag all dogs in this way, which will make it much easier to find the owners of a lost dog or irresponsible breeders who have thrown a four-legged dog into the street.

What should I do if I choose to live with my animal on a temporary basis?

It should not be forgotten that he may be ill so quarantine is required. Especially if there are children or other animals in the house. It is best to contact a veterinarian immediately for a preventive examination.

Most dogs and cats taken from the field have many parasites - fleas, itch mites, intestinal helminths - that can be dangerous to us and our pets. They may also have fungal skin conditions. Even if the animal appears clinically healthy, it should be observed for about 10 days, as most viral diseases have an incubation period (the time between the onset of infection and the appearance of the first clinical signs). After killing the parasites, the animal should be vaccinated after dehelmination.

In the first few days, you need to allow the animal to get used to the new environment, not to frighten it, to train it, to introduce other people and animals carefully at home and on the street.

It is especially important to explain to the children why you should not strangle every kitten or puppy found on the street, as it is children who are the most active animal lovers.

What to do to prevent your dog or cat from running away?

Dogs need training.

Do not leave pets alone without supervision.

Do not let go of bitches.

Do not leave dogs tied to a store or in a car with a window open.

Do not leave open windows in homes where cats live