When you start searching for the best mattress you list down your required features from millions that are available. there still might be a little something that you have not evaluated.

You are, obviously able to give away your older mattresses to the drivers who delivered the new one at your place, but take a break and think about some factors. Did you ever ask them where do they take the old mattresses?

This article will help you make better choices; the choices that will not cost fortune to earth.

In the United Kingdom only, a disturbing 8 million (rising with time) mattresses need to be discarded each year. The number goes even up in the U.S, an awful .20 million homes and hotel mattresses are changed every year. So, you have to think… where do they all get disposed off? Our biggest and unresolved global environmental issue is discarding old mattresses. The recommendation from National Bed Federation is that we change our mattress after 7 years, keeping in view our hygiene and health. It may be a good advice but on the other hand, we have the issue of disposing off the older one. One of our acutely unsustainable obstacles is discarding rapidly increasing number of previous mattresses. The current market disruption of sleepy heads has driven this partially (pun intended),  by brand new bed-in-box-e-tailers, some of which come with very poor quality but large amount of marketing money and bucket shop cost. Just at a time when society needs its exact opposite, it all creates a throw it away mentality. This results in mattress sale going as high as over a million each passing year.

So, for every shiny and new Instagram mattress, its older version will most likely end up in a landfill; joining the rest of 167,000 tones of them every year. It is criminal that so much of its percentage can be reused and our failure to do results in poorly handled resources. For instance, if you ponder upon the amount of money, time and energy it takes to extract materials from earth, purify it and assemble it, it doesn’t make any sense to bury it back in ground forever. reviews have covered such topics.


This is emerging global crises and in UK, the landfill sites are filling up very rapidly and hence closing much faster than expected. It is necessary to insist upon recycling the mattresses. Many commercial applications and reusable materials can be yielded once we start deconstructing the mattresses. But only if you choose to purchase the right mattress to buy, will you end up in not filling the landfill site with your older one. 

Start choosing the right thing: One bed at a time

Pick those mattresses which are carefully designed so that they can be recycled. For instance, one such mattress is latex foam mattress which is recyclable, biodegradable and is a sustainable resource. It is also a perfect choice for coolness, pressure relief and breathability. It does not fume volatile components and it also inevitably repels allergen. Latex is very long-lasting and durable; a trait that many bed textiles do not own. A sleep-bear mattress is the antithesis of this careless society.